Bryce Canyon

Enjoy the spectacular views during the short 11-mile drive from the Bryce Valley Inn to the entrance of Bryce Canyon National Park. The drive will begin along a winding canyon, speckled with the green of juniper trees and the cream and orange colored canyon walls. While traveling past one of the many vast meadows, visitors may spy one of the large antelope herds that live in the area.

It is truly amazing to see more than 100 antelope racing away from a passing vehicle or to pull to the side of the road and watch them feed on the abundant grasses found in the meadow. This is a scene most people only see on television nature shows. However, visitors to the Bryce Canyon area have an opportunity to enjoy this incredible experience, in person, everyday.

Just a few miles before the park entrance, visitors may think they have made a wrong turn and ended up on Mars. Red Canyon is an amazing area covered in hoodoos that are a brilliant red color. This canyon is part of the Dixie National Forest and offers 14 trails to explore, seven of which are foot-trails only. Horse and ATV trail information can be found at the visitor’s center. The journey into Bryce Canyon is a site seeing adventure that can be enjoyed by all.

Upon entering Bryce Canyon, visitors can enjoy a drive though the park with stops at each of the 13-viewpoints. This journey is a must do for everyone visiting the park and should take approximately 3-hours to complete. Hiking into the hoodoos is an exciting activity for the more adventurous. The park offers 11 daylong hiking trails as well as many backcountry trails that will take more than one-day. Information on all the hiking trails and other activities available at the park can be obtained at the visitor’s center.

Other adult programs offered by the National Park Service at Bryce Canyon include:

Early Morning Guided Hikes
Run Walk in the afternoon
Geology Lectures
Full-moon hikes
Astronomy programs
(scheduled around new moon)
Bird Watching
Horseback Riding
Nature Walks
Wildlife Viewing
and much more

Children can become a Jr. Park Ranger by attending this program, which is offered by the National Park Service at many National Park locations including Bryce Canyon.

The Jr. Park Ranger program is a 45 to 60 minute program offered everyday at 3:00 p.m. during the months of June, July and August. Because space is limited, interested participants are encouraged to sign-up early at the Bryce Canyon Visitor’s Center. Potential Jr. Rangers earn their certification by doing fun workbook activities, participating in ranger guided tour of the park and picking-up any litter found along the pathway during the tour. Once all of the requirements are met, the children are brought back to the Visitor’s Center and given a badge, patch and certificate of achievement. At least one parent or guardian is required to stay with their child/children for the duration of this program.

Discovering the beauty and wonder of Bryce Canyon National Park is more than a one-day adventure. Visitors are encouraged to plan to stay two or more days to fully experience this natural wonder.